Our story

It all began when Sabrina and Hyacinthe met!

Hyacinthe has always had a sweet tooth. Growing up, her favorite thing was to go to the boulangerie where she would stare at all the wonderful pastries and later on, when life brought her to Paris, she enjoyed going to the best pastry shop, always hunting for the latest ‘best’ pastry to taste.
When she moved to New York, she discovered an American sweet favorite: the cookie! She lived in the Upper West Side and discovered Levain Bakery and would wait in line for hours to get her fix.
Sabrina always liked to cook, especially bread and desserts. When she worked in Paris, she always stopped by the boulangerie to get herself a sweet treat before starting her day.
When she moved to Switzerland, she couldn’t easily find her favorite Parisian treats so she decided to start baking them herself.
In 2016, she moved to Austin with her family and trained herself to the art of French pastry, making fabulous desserts and cakes for friends. She also baked delicious cookies, her kid's favorite.
Hyacinthe came to Austin in 2019 and opened a pastry business, Meringue & Co. and met Sabrina through friends. The two started a passionate conversation about food while eating a delicious lemon meringue pie made by Hyacinthe.
As they decided to work together, Hyacinthe stopped by Sabrina’s house where she just had baked some cookies. It immediately transported Hyacinthe back to NY, she had found the best cookie in Austin!

The two decided that they should introduce Sabrina’s cookies and they worked on developing new gourmet recipes using flavor combinations and touches of French savoir-faire to transform cookies into truly decadent desserts.
Cookies A La Carte was born of a friendship & 
the mission to revisit an American classic with a French twist!